Interview Ucopia

Interview Ucopia

Can you present us Ucopia?

UCOPIA was founded in 2002 and quickly became the European leader of secured public and private Wi-Fi access management and also proximity marketing. We are based on the strong potential of wireless networks in order to change the way people work, collaborate, communicate, learn and entertain. Our solutions are adaptable, scalable and offer a maximum security. Our proximity marketing team deals with targeted Wi-Fi marketing campaigns through web injunction and offer powerful analytics services to maximise ROI while offering an optimised client experience.

You worked with most of the Euro 2016 stadiums during their technological transformation, can you describe this mission?

UCOPIA won the contract to set up Wi-Fi coverage in Euro 2016 stadiums and to guide them for the new user path. Enriched connectivity, more immersive experiences, French stadiums wished to take advantage of this event to accelerate their digital transformation. It was necessary to guarantee some technical specificities to equip French sports arenas. The solutions offered by UCOPIA fulfilled a minimum of 20.000 simultaneous connections, which really few providers are able to do today and in a so short amount of time.

Stadium’s needs, as like for all big public places, are to offer an important connection capacity for its consumers, with sufficient specifications to bear connections peaks due to the events and the affluence. In order to answer at the best to current trends, it was essential to offer a connection via social networks. For example, in total, nearly 157.000 people connect themselves to the Wi-Fi during this Euro, 25% of them connected only via Facebook.

Your software allows the stadium to know better their spectators, what is your added value?

UCOPIA places its skills at the service of stadium and our objective is to give them the keys to create and ameliorate digital experience for their consumers.

Our solution allows to collect relevant information which enables stadium to commit spectators according to their journey, the hour they arrive or their profile, for them to life fully the event. Through UCOPIA’s captive portal, entirely personalised to the stadium colours’ or to the events’s, the spectator is invited to get connected to the Wi-Fi network by fulfilling his first name, name and email address, or by connecting via social networks. The Social Wi-Fi: using the social networks to get connected allorws to collect precise and categorising user data’s!


Thanks to our solution, stadium also can give spectators information in real time. Content injunction or context menu in the spectator web navigator, available during all connection time, can come to back up stadium mobile application, and even promote it. Concretely, it allows to find the stadium map to find bearings in the arena, find your place or even order beverages or snacks. Spectator smartphone is an important tool for communication!

You work in partnership with stadium and public spaces you equip, how does the relation work according to different step of the project development?

One of UCOPIA’s strength is the professional support we offer for those important projects that are stadium of any other big public space.

Our commercial teams and technical experts are at the disposal of our client to guide them during the different steps of the project. That way, we come as specialists of high performance in order to build an optimal technical configuration in order to answer stadium requirement, especially regarding HD Wi-Fi


Once the solution settled, we work closely with marketing and informatics teams of the stadium in order to create a captive portal which takes into account their graphic charter and matches with their needs. We also teach the stadium how to use our Analytics tool in order to give them personalised reports for their events. Strong of our experience in this field, we also know how to advice our clients for tolling out marketing campaigns in order for them to be adjusted to their goals!