Interview Am Ball Com

Interview Am Ball Com

Present your company and your place in sport business

Am Ball Com is a German company established in Munich since almost 20 years. Its founding president is Maurice Gottlieb, well-known in sport by-product sector in Europe. Advising agency for every actor of sport business: clubs, leagues and federation, Am Ball Com built itself an excellent reputation in creating and producing “sport merchandise” products, with a predilection for metal treatment, aimed to be commercialized by clubs.

Logical consequence of its history, Am Ball Com counts among its most loyal customers biggest Germans, Austrians and Swiss clubs. Among them: FC Bayern München, Dortmund, Stuttgart, Mënchengladbach, Berlin, but also Rapid Wien, Austria Wien, FC Basel, etc. Others French clubs complete the list: PSG, OL and LOSC. Since almost 4 years Chelsea FC, Celtic Glasgow, Barcelona FC, Real Madrid added themselves. Our team of 23 people, from 6 nationalities, also deals with a wide sport license portfolio, not only in football, they also act in Ice Hockey, Handball, Basket-Ball, Rugby, and cycling via our Tour de France license.

Important corner of its history, Am Ball Com specialized itself in sport trophies miniaturization, especially those in football. Multi-annual license deals were made with FIFA, UEFA, and leagues and federations in Germany, France, England and Scotland. Am Ball Com became an unavoidable actor of the growing business sector. Very soon, this replica program will be completed by Jules Rimet Cup and Confederation Cup, others will follow soon.

Why do you participate to Sportem?

We want to contribute with Troisième Ligne to this sector professionalization. It will also help us to make know our range of services and widen our field in French market.